SCM42 1hp 100LPM


SCM42 Water Pump

The DEK SCM42 1hp 230v Electric Water Pump is suitable for civil and industrial uses to pump clean water and chemically non-aggressive liquid. With a solid cast iron body, copper wound motor and brass impeller it is an extremely reliable, compact and almost maintenance free water pump

Technical Features:

  • DEK 1hp .75kw Copper Wound Electric Motor
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Current Draw: 4amp
  • Engine Speed: 2850RPM
  • Weight: 10.4kgs
  • Pressure: 40PSI
  • Flow Rate: 100LPM (6000LPH)
  • Inlet and Outlet: 1″
  • Impellor: Brass
  • Mechanical Seal: Ceramic.